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About Us

Florida Property Brokers Realty Group is disrupting the Real Estate/Realtor game while covering the state of Florida. We have a very friendly and family like environment with a low employee turnover. All of our current team members who follow the program have had life changing experiences.Our business model is to take away the barriers to lead generation and marketing to let you do what you do best... sell real estate. Our company is growing and we need Agents and Teams Fast!!!





Technology we use

CRM Provided!!
Follow up Boss

CRM Provided!! We use Follow up Boss CRM and provide accounts to all of our agents. Follow up Boss makes real estate lead conversion and sales follow up more efficient and automated resulting in our agents making more sales and having the capacity to grow their business in a calm and organized way. Follow Up Boss enables agents to deliver an incredible customer experience, at the speed and volume that today’s real estate businesses require.

Paperless Transactions!
ZipForms Plus

Advanced Technology + Practical Simplicity Maximize efficiency, streamline workflows and reduce risk with the essential forms software used by hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals nationwide and beyond, powered with the latest functionality and features designedto keep industry professionals at the center of every transaction.Advanced technology meets practical simplicity in Transactions (zipForm Edition)

AI used to identify potential Sellers/ Likely.AI

Discover the Power of Pre-Market Artificial Intelligence Our patented Pre-Market AI is the ultimate cheat code for your real estate business! It’s innovative AI and monitoring tech predicts likely sellers, updates missing contact info, and even triggers automated notifications so you never miss an opportunity again. Put simply, it will ensure you’re first to know when your contacts need your help with real estate.

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Florida Property Brokers Realty Group

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